Our Friend Bill, Before and After

Our Friend Bill, Before and After

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Great Fund-Raising News!

The flow of donations is greater than I ever expected. Today we were able to deposit $3,185 in cash and checks into the bank account. When that is added with what has come in over paypal, we have raised around $18,000. In addition to that, our friends in Germany have raised us about 11,800 Euros. This is an amazing start. We should be able to pay for my brother's first surgeries with this! The support is amazing. I can't say that enough. Thank you everyone for being so generous! On another note, I did an interview with the IDS and it should be in the paper on Thursday. For those of you at IU, please pick up a copy and encourage others to do so as well. For those of you not at IU, I will try to get a link up so that you can read it online. Additionally, there are several events in the works. When we get more solid plans for these, I will post more information. One last thing for tonight. I have gotten a lot of questions about whether or not these donations are tax deductible. Well, the answer I have is that they have to be, but they aren't yet. I need to get all of these donations to be tax exempt, so I am working to make us into a bonified not-for-profit, but it's a lot of paperwork. I am hoping to get another organization to take us in under their 501C3 wing and let us simply have a separate fund. We will see. I will get that information posted as soon (seriously as soon) as I can. With that I will say goodnight. Again I can not express my gratitude. The support for my brother is something I could never have imagined. It is very inspiring to see so much love in the world.With so much love and hope,

Laura Kapoun


Roboseyo said...

Hang in there, Bill.

A lot of people are thinking about you and yours. I live in Seoul, and I'm gonna bring your story into all my conversation classes today.

debtfreeme said...

Wishing Bill a speedy recovery