Our Friend Bill, Before and After

Our Friend Bill, Before and After

Friday, March 7, 2008

Minor Fundraiser in Seoul

Major fundraisers are still in the works and of course you'll have details as soon as we do. But for the moment, we've received a post from a girl named Jade Harrelson who has come up with an excellent idea for this Saturday (March 8th):

Hi everyone,

For those of you living in Korea, I will be at Indigo cafe in Haebangchon tomorrow giving out smoke detectors to people who need them. The smoke detectors have been donated by a wonderful woman named Carole who wanted to make sure that people have the security their landlords may not have provided.

I'll be there starting at 6pm, at the round table right inside the door. I will be accepting donations to Will's recovery fund in return for the smoke alarms, as well as passing out detailed information as to how to make bank transfers in Korea and also contact info for people willing to help install the smoke detectors.

To get to Indigo's, take exit 2 from Noksapyeong subway station (on the brown line, one stop from Itaewon). Walk downhill until you see the famous kimchi pots on your left (right by the entrance to the army base), take a left and walk up the main road of Haebangchon. Indigo's cafe will be on your right, about halfway up the hill.

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