Our Friend Bill, Before and After

Our Friend Bill, Before and After

Friday, March 7, 2008

Latest Media Article on Bill

This one comes from the Korea Herald, a widely-read English-language paper in Korea.

Click Here to Read the Korea Herald Article


John Brennan said...

Thank you to everyone helping my cousin Billy from the bottom of my heart. This means alot to all of us that are close to Billy.

Anonymous said...

Brother Bill and Family,
Our thoughts and prayers are with you.
Fellow Acacians, please help out our brother with whatever donation you can.
Matt (Vermont)

a.harriss said...

I just read the article about Bill through a footprints newsletter. I am an English teacher in Florida, and I have been thinking about going to Korea to teach for some time now. I am very touched by this story and I will make a donation to help save Bill's life and hopefully to help him psychologically with the aftermath of all of this. Thank you for this blog, God Bless.