Our Friend Bill, Before and After

Our Friend Bill, Before and After

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Medical Bills Paid! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

Hello friends,

I just wanted everyone to know that your generous contributions have helped pay for the full cost of Bill's medical bills. Thank you very, very much!! Your support over the last two weeks has been a wonderful display of human compassion. People from all over the world joined together to achieve something truly amazing. It's not everyday you can say that something you did, whether it be giving a contribution or a kind word, made a difference. Your acts of kindness made a difference. Thank you for everything that you did over the last two weeks.

The fundraisers in Seoul will continue as planned, and any money raised will go towards helping burn victims, both American and Korean, as well as other teachers living abroad who find themselves in critical situations such as Bill's.

Joanna, Bill's family and friends

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